The head of the companies “Interneto vizija” and “RackRay” has changed

Published: 2022-02-08 | Updated: 2022-02-09 | Author: Laura | Read time: 3 min.

From now on, Valentinas Čirba, a long-term employee of “Interneto vizija”, will lead both companies.

“Interneto vizija”, founded in 2003 is currently addressing internal organizational issues as it is looking for solutions that will allow for a more effective response to dynamic market changes and the latest trends. Last year, 100 percent of the shares of “Interneto vizija” and “RackRay” were acquired by the Swedish company “Miss Group”, which brought about a number of transformations. One of the key changes is the appointment of Valentinas Čirba, the new head of the company, who is determined to do his best to meet the customers’ needs and offer them the best solutions.

“Although we are one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies in Lithuania, we cannot afford to become complacent. We see the untapped potential in our region, therefore we plan to develop “Interneto vizija” and “Miss Group” and remain leaders in the field showing the right path to our customers,” says Čirba.

The new manager says that “Miss Group” has come to Lithuania with the purpose of attracting great potential in our region: “Our specialists are highly valued, besides, the new shareholders are finding experience in already implemented projects that they are transferring to other companies in their group. Working in a group of companies is a never-ending exchange of knowledge and experience that helps one to adapt more quickly to a dynamic market. ”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumer market for Internet domain services has grown significantly: “Already in 2020, we noticed a growing desire to move to the Internet, and businesses that had done so earlier emerged as winners. For example, during the first quarantine, customers were very active and ordered 14.3 thousand new domains, and during the second lockdown, the number was 12.3 thousand, in comparison, in the pre-quarantine period of 2019 the number of orders was approximately 10 thousand domains. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more businesses realize that online commerce is the way to go. As hosting providers, we aim to respond to the growing desire of businesses to be online,” says Čirba. The immediate goal of “Interneto Vizija” and “RackRay” is to end the year successfully, to maintain the growth of revenue, customers, service circle, as well as to deepen employees’ knowledge and competencies.

Čirba himself was a client of the company for 7 years before coming to work as a customer service agent. Later he started overseeing and developing the “Time4VPS” and “Hostens” brands as a team leader. “As the new head of the company, I am inspired by the faith and its employees, doing creative work with my colleagues brings me satisfaction and I am proud of the results already achieved, the growing number of team members, and their new responsibilities. I believe that by my example I can inspire my coworkers and help my colleagues reach the next level of competence”, said Čirba.

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