One-click website installation: what should you know

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Paskelbta: 2021-12-13 | Atnaujinta: 2021-12-13 | Parašė: Vytenis | Užtruksite: 5 min.

Most web developers cannot imagine installing websites without basic steps: downloading the content management system from the developer’s page, uploading application files to the server, preparing them for installation, creating a database, setting file permissions, and entering the required data (such as database name, login details) etc.

However, these steps are not required if you have the Installatron tool installed on your hosting plan. This tool is not only useful for website development novices who do not know how to perform the steps listed above. It is also useful for experienced developers as using the tool will save time and facilitate the administration of websites.

Installatron is a website software installation tool that simplifies installation and administration processes with the help of a graphical interface. With it, you will be able to install free software for blogs, photo galleries, forums, e-shops, representative and other types of websites. With the help of Installatron you will be able to install the most popular programs such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, OpenCart, PrestaShop, SugarCRM, ownCloud and so on. The full list can be found here.

Advantages of Installatron

The Installatron tool provides the following benefits:

  • Possibility to select the desired application version. Before installation, you can choose which version of the program (an older one or the latest) to install. Therefore, you can install the latest version if you need to.
  • Possibility to choose the Lithuanian or English language in some applications. In the tool itself, you can choose to display only those programs that are ready to run in Lithuanian or English.
  • Automatic creation of databases. When you install the application, Installatron automatically creates a database and sets the program to store the data in the newly created database. You can also select an existing database, in which case a new one will not be created.
  • Message administration. You can choose which notifications you want to receive by email. This advantage will help you avoid sending emails from the application regarding topics you are not interested in, such as the successful creation of a recurring task, the successful update of a plugin, and so on.
  • Automatic application update. You can set Installatron to automatically update the application you are using to the latest version as soon as it appears in the Installatron tool. You can also choose to install all updates automatically, or only the major versions and security updates.
  • Direct connection to the application control panel. The Installatron tool allows you to connect to the control panel of an online application without entering login details. Installatron saves the login data you have created and if you do not change them directly from within the content management system, you can login with one button click.
  • Direct links to the Help page. For each application you install, you will find a direct link to a Help page with information regarding the use of a specific application.
  • Changing login and other basic data. In the Installatron tool, you can change the login name and password for connections to the installed application control panel, contact email address, website name or tags (if the installed program is a website content management system) etc.
  • Changing configuration data. The tool allows you to modify the database and connections to it and choose whether a specific database table will be used.
  • Possibility of cloning. Once you have created a website and prepared the application for use, you can perform cloning of all the data, during which a copy of all the data is created and moved to a directory in another domain. The data of the original content management system is not deleted or otherwise modified.
  • Template creation. You can create a template for one of the applications you use, which you can later use to create other websites, so you don’t have to repeat actions you’ve already done on a saved template.
  • Backup and restore. You can set Installatron to automatically copy data from an installed application. This can be daily, weekly or monthly data backup. The copies you create can later be used to recover data if you corrupt the existing data.
  • Restoring backups if they were stored outside the hosting plan. You can upload a copy previously generated and uploaded in the Installatron tool to your server from your computer and restore the copy of the application by clicking just a few buttons.
  • Adding previously installed applications to Installatron in the hosting plan. If you have previously installed a content management system manually in a hosting plan, you can add an existing application to the Installatron tool with the click of a few buttons. This will facilitate the administration of the site.

Transferring applications from another hosting plan. Installatron allows you to move an existing application (the application must be from the Installatron list) to your hosting plan from another server. For this action, the program to be transferred is selected, and by selecting import instead of installation and specifying the FTP data for connection to another server, the content management system can be transferred and conveniently administered via the Installatron tool.

IMPORTANT: Please note that some benefits may depend on the capabilities of a particular application.

How to start using Installatron?

You will find this tool in all our Website and email in hosting plans (except for Mail). Once connected to the server control panel, you will see the Installatron logo at the top right – as shown in the photo below:

Installatron mygtukas DirectAdmin valdymo pulte

When you open the tool, you will be able to select “Application browser” and see a complete list of available applications. Once you have selected the installation of the desired application, all you have to do is specify the data with which you want to connect to the program and you will be able to start the installation, which will take only a few moments. You can find more detailed information on using the Installatron tool on our help page.

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