Google Ads Tool

From now on, advertise yourself in the Google search engine even more easily. The AdBud tool helps you easily and quickly create text advertising in the Google search engine and generate traffic to your site directly from the search engine. This tool allows you to select relevant keywords and create ads tailored to them. And when Google users enter these keywords into the search engine, they will see your ad.

The Google ads tool allows you to advertise the website you choose without additional registration and marketing knowledge: all you have to do is to enter your website address, select the keywords, location (city, country), text of the ad, and the text ad will be ready in just a few minutes. And keep track of the results of your campaign in an especially convenient and clear dashboard.

Spend at least €8 per day on campaigns for two months (60 days) and get €250 back into your campaign account.

Just log in to the customer system and you will find the Google Ads section on the list of all available services. Detailed instructions can be found here.

You will see the €250 to be refunded on the Google Ads control panel. You can use this amount for subsequent campaigns. Keep in mind that €480 is the minimum amount you need to allocate within 60 days, and if you decide to allocate a higher amount, €250 will be refunded in any case.

Yes, this tool is completely free of charge. You will only need a budget for your advertising campaigns. You will decide on your own how much money you spend on advertising campaigns – there are no restrictions.

No, the advantage of this tool is that by linking a payment card to the tool, you can manage budgets for advertising campaigns in Google Ads easily and at any time.

Payments for Google advertising are made and bills are placed in the partner system AdBud.

You do not need to replenish the balance for the tool every time. When you first add a card, the tool saves its data and, when the budget reaches a limit sufficient for 7 days, the tool will again charge the same monthly amount to keep your advertising running.
For more information about it, read the article about our help.

No, and that is another advantage of the tool. You can activate or stop advertising campaigns at any time convenient to you.

To find out what keywords are most relevant to your website, try the SEO beginner tool MarketGoo. All customers with T40, T50, or unlimited Universalus and Business plans are automatically connected to this tool. So, all you have to do is go to it and discover the right keywords.

A 30-day refund guarantee only applies to the services we provide directly, such as virtual servers or website hosting services. Therefore, no refund guarantee applies to advertising services ordered.