Website security tool

The easiest way to protect your website from viruses, attacks and hacks. SiteLock, a website security tool, records all suspicious actions on the website and detects security vulnerabilities and other risks by scanning the website every day.

Make sure your website runs smoothly and protect yourself against viruses and malicious actions by selecting one of the three security tool packages: Secure Web, Secure Web Plus, or Emergency Clean.

Compare the proposed plans first. If you have any questions about the costs of each of them, please contact our customer service specialists and choose one of the following options: Secure Web, Secure Web Plus, or Emergency Clean. When you have selected the desired tool plan, simply click the “Order” button. Enter the address of the website you want in the new window and click “Order” to select the period and pay in a way that is convenient for you. The service will become active immediately after payment.

A detailed lesson on how to configure the SiteLock tool is provided here.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we only think about the security of the website when it has already been hacked. The SiteLock security tool proactively ensures the security of the website by protecting against viruses, malicious attacks and hacking. The tool scans your website every day in search of security gaps, thus identifying potential threats in a timely manner. In addition, unlike most free tools found on the internet, this tool not only scans the home page of a website, but also additionally records security gaps in other applications and plugins, such as those used for e-commerce.

Make sure your website runs smoothly by selecting one of the three security tool packages: Secure Web, Secure Web Plus, or Emergency Clean.

The Secure Web plan provides the following features:

  • Vulnerability scanning;
  • Malicious code search;
  • SSL provider verification;
  • Scanning of non-updated or vulnerable applications;
  • Scanning all files of the website;
  • Checking if the website is not blacklisted;
  • Scanning SQL inserts;
  • XSS hacking check;
  • Assigning a common risk score;
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve the website’s security;
  • More detailed scanning for websites using the WordPress content management system;
  • Network vulnerability check.

If you select the Secure Web Plus plan, you will be additionally provided with a firewall and CDN service. The firewall service not only protects the website from harmful traffic and malicious requests, but also blocks tools that scan websites and attempt to hack them. The CDN service allows you to cache your website information on SiteLock servers. In this way, your website is accessible to your visitors from the nearest server, which is favorable to your website loading speed, SEO rates, and customer experience.  You can read more about the firewall and CDN services on this page.

Emergency clean is designed for one-time, non-regular tasks such as the removal of malicious files (done within 2 hours) and removing such from SEO blacklists.

All plans are ordered for a year, except for Emergency Clean, which is ordered for one time, that is for one cleaning.

Yes, it is. This tool is covered by a 30-day refund guarantee.