Spam filter

SPAM filters are used to protect against spam. However, when the number of emails received today is so high, the regular tools no longer do the job. If you send or receive a lot of emails and have many email accounts, you need a professional spam filter tool.

Detailed reports of e-mails received and blocked, individual settings for each user, different filtering levels, automation capabilities – all and more are provided by a professional SPAM filter.

Professional email filter
Domains 1
Archive 30 days
Disk space 10 GB
SPAM and virus protection Yes
Quarantine repository Yes
Detailed reporting Yes
Individual training Yes
Price (mo.) 1.99 EUR
Order After logging in to the Client Area

The standard filter, usually, has limited capabilities. It can only be used to check whether the IP address of the sender’s e-mail server is blacklisted and whether the sender’s address is whitelisted or blacklisted. In addition, it does not scan the content of the e-mail, while a professional one does that.

The professional SPAM filter, on the other hand, has a greater functionality. For example, with its settings you can:

  • Prevent the rejection of messages but rather keep them in the filter quarantine.
  • Change the filter throughput level.
  • Block messages from certain countries or messages written in a certain language.
  • Block messages with certain types of attachments.
  • Set the filter to skip or block certain types of messages in the future so you don’t have to whitelist or blacklist every sender.

As you can see from the list above, there is quite a lot of functionality available on our SPAM filter service. We are sure that you will enjoy the features our filters provide.

If your domain’s DNS records are serviced by our DNS servers, all changes will be made automatically. However, if you use DNS servers purchased from another hosting provider, you will have to make the following changes:

*change the MX record of the domain to,

* specify mail server’s hostname in the setting of the professional filter.

If you have any questions our IT specialist would be glad to assist you.

You can access it in two ways:

  • Through our Clients area on a web browser.
  • Using the app on your smartphone. You can read more about it here.

Yes, this service provided by us is covered by our 30-day money back guarantee.