VPS servers

VPS servers are a secure, fast and reliable service, tailored to your needs. These servers have a separate processor, RAM, space on RAID array, a high-speed Internet connection and an IP address.

You will be able to manage the server with a ready-to-use Linux OS by yourself while our experienced server administrators will take care of everything related to the hardware maintenance and seamless operation.

Yes, this service is self-managed. Consequently, the customer is responsible for:

  • Their web pages, e-mail and other data stored on the server.
  • Configuration and maintenance of services and the server.
  • Operating system administration and upgrades.

So, you will have to make sure to look after the responsibilities and features mentioned above to keep your website running smoothly.

Interneto vizija is responsible for:

  • Initial installation of the operating system.
  • Server hardware.
  • Network equipment.
  • Data center hardware.

These points will be taken care of by us. And we will make sure that every of these responsibilities would be fulfilled fully to match or even surpass your expectations.

You can choose from many popular 64-bit Linux options for your server:

    • 64-bit


    if you are using a KVM VPS Servers:
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
    We also offer systems ready for website hosting with a control panel:

For more information on operating systems, please contact our custpomer support specialists.

All of them are located in the heart of Europe, Vilnius.

The main difference between OpenVZ and KVM servers is that these servers use different virtualization technology (virtualization is a separation technology that allows physical resources such as processor, memory, hard disk, network, etc. to be presented as logical, i.e. virtual).

The OpenVZ technology is based on container virtualization. Containers allow you to create separate virtual servers on a single hub, thus distributing the resources of one physical server according to the selected amount of resources for several virtual dedicated servers (VDS).

In terms of KVM, this KVM server technology is based on hardware virtualization. With this technology, the virtual server is completely isolated. Therefore, it is possible to change the server’s kernel settings and use operating systems with different OS such as Windows or Linux.

More information aout difference can be found on our forum.

Inodes are counted only in OpenVZ virtualization (Container and Storage).

Inode limit is calculated by formula: 15 000 per GB but not less than 1 000 000.

API is a programming interface allowing customers to integrate the management of this kind of services into their internal systems, automatically track the status of servers, reboot or reinstall server OS, increasing/decreasing server resources and other. See more information and API examples on our help page.

We automatically connect an external IPv6 address and network to each server.

You can use local IP addresses between your servers for unrestricted and recorded traffic to exchange data between your servers.

This allows you to achieve speeds of up to 4 Gbps on the internal network.

While the customers can use all of the related services, however, there are still some activities that are considered restricted. Our services are not intended for:

  • Participation in DoS, DDoS attacks (as a source, intermediary or target).
  • Compromising the security of computer systems.
  • Hosting or distributing pirate content.
  • Public Proxy, Tor services.
  • For bulk emails.
  • Vulnerable, unsupervised software.
  • Activities prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Follow these few simple steps to avoid any miscommunication or problems while using our services. If you have any other questions or queries regarding these steps or actions, please do not hesitate and contact our team. We will be happy to help.

We have a strict policy on the use of network resources for exclusively legitimate purposes, therefore, our customers can rest assured that the IP address assigned to their server will not be blacklisted anyway on the Internet.

In addition, when assigning a new IP to a customer, we quarantine the address for at least a month before removing the previous IP usage history.

Yes, there is such a possibility. The price of an additional IP address is 19.99 EUR + VAT. When you select a server service in your Client area, you’ll find an order link next to your current IP address.

We analyse the network traffic in real-time and upon detecting a DDoS attack on a server – a flood of malicious network packets from infected devices – we connect a DDoS firewall to it at any time of the day.

We ensure 99.95% annual availability of our services:

The availability guarantee applies to:

  • Uninterrupted operation of the Internet connection.
  • For the correct operation of the data center and server hardware, also virtualization platform.

The availability guarantee does not apply to:

  • For the operation of customer-administered software – operating system and server services.
  • For the maintenance work, of which we notify in advance.
  • For interference caused by customer actions or a load that is not consistent with the capacity of the server.

VPS Servers shutdown when the customer misses to pay for the services on time, does not comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, or follows the requirement of public authorities, in accordance with the legislation in force.

In case the server is accessible less than 99.95% per year, within 7 calendar days from the service troubleshooting, after receiving and confirming the customer’s request, we undertake to reimburse 10% of the monthly service price for each hour of downtime in excess of the limit, but not more than 100% service monthly rent per month.

The price of servers before the downtime is used to calculate the amount of compensation.

Compensation is provided in the form of bonuses that the customer can use to extend the service.

Yes, VPS Server services provided by Interneto vizija are covered by 30-day money back guarantee.