Affiliate Program

By participating in our Affiliate Program, you can not only save money by purchasing our services cheaper, but also earn additional money. We offer our customers two programs: Affiliate and Recommendation.

The main thing you need to do is promote us on your page. You will receive a unique link that you can use on your website. Each time a new customer clicks on your link and orders a service, you will receive a commission. The value of this program is that it is of benefit to all interested parties: you as the owner of the website, the IV as the company, and the customer who has made the purchase and who receives the highest quality of service.

Your accrued commissions are confirmed within a month of receipt of the customer’s payment and provided that the customer does not opt out of services within that month (as you know, orders are covered by a 30-day refund guarantee).

Of course, we will calculate all your earnings accurately. You will receive a different commission depending service client will order:

  • Shared hosting 25 EUR,
  • Managed VPS server – 50 EUR,
  • VPS server – 50 EUR,
  • VPN service – 100% from first payment.


The commission will be paid directly to your bank account. An important point is that we do not apply any limit to your earnings. It depends only on you, on how many visitors you attract and how many sales you generate.

The money is transferred on the 1st day of each month. We confirm all sales and payments within 31 days. The minimum payment amount is 100 EUR for all services.

You will find your login details in a letter. If the required information has not been filled in on the registration form, we will contact you. And if you have just signed up as a new member of our Affiliate Program but have not received an answer yet, we suggest you check your spam folder.

You will be able to track them on the self-service page of the Affiliate Program. You can access it here.

We have created great banners for you to attract customers’ attention. And we will be able to share them right after you join the Affiliate Program.

If you need visual material, we are ready to share it, so you cannot independently develop or otherwise use the IV trademark without our knowledge.

If you still have any questions, please contact our colleagues in the Affiliate Program Division at the following address:

Offer your partners, customers and friends the Interneto vizija web or VPS hosting services. You can do this by using a referral link.

When the referred persons place the order and pay for it, you will get 20% of the order amount in the form of a bonus. The same bonus will be granted to the referred persons, too. You can use the bonus to extend all our services, including domains and SSL certificates.

The bonus is calculated from the first payment for the service. There is one bonus per order. You can find your unique referral link and additional information by logging in to the Clients area, under the Referral Program (named as “Premija”) section.

Your accrued bonus is confirmed within a period of one month from the time the customer’s payment is received. Keep in mind that the customer should not have canceled the service during that month (as you know, orders are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee).

Domain reselling is a form of partnership for customers who register multiple domains. The service can be ordered in the Clients area for a year, and its annual price is 9.99 EUR + VAT.

Using domain reselling service you get an additional 10% discount:

  • For all new domain registrations;
  • For the domain renewal fee;
  • For the domain owner change fee.

The SSL certificate reselling service is a partnership option for customers who purchase multiple SSL certificates. The service can be ordered in the Clients area for a year, and its annual price is 9.99 EUR + VAT. By using this service, you can receive an additional 10% discount on all new SSL certificate orders or extensions.

The web hosting reselling service is designed for customers intending to resell our hosting services. Web hosting reselling services allow the setting up of individual hosting plans. A separate version of PHP (from 5.2 to 8.0) can be selected for each website, while inode and e-mail limits are calculated separately. The reseller can manage customer’s servers not only via the reseller interface, but also by using the DirectAdmin API.

You can order a reseller hosting service under the Web hosting section on our website

We offer our customers one-time discounts for extending services for a longer period:

  • 15% discount for a service extension of 18 months;
  • 20% discount for a service extension of 2 years;
  • 30% discount for a service extension of 3 years or more;

Discounts apply to almost all of our services: web hosting plans, professional hosting, VPS hosting, website builder and SPAM filter service. The discount does not apply to domain registration and SSL certificate orders.

With the mobile donating system you can financially support your preferred website. Also, the visitors of your website can support your online project, too. This is a great option for non-profit organisations in order to reduce the costs of web hosting services.

To use this service:

  • Put a reference link to your bonus page on your website. By visiting this page the visitor will receive detailed information on how to support your project;
  • The visitor sends an SMS message, selecting the amount of EUR 1, EUR 2, EUR 3, EUR 4, EUR 5, EUR 6, EUR 7 or EUR 8;
  • You will receive a 50% bonus on the amount of support selected by the visitor. The bonus is converted to IV EUR currency. The bonus can be used for all services offered by us.

You can find your bonus page by visiting: (type your customer system login name instead of LOGIN_NAME).

Read more about the use of the bonus, its usage history and other conditions in the Clients area.