Website builder

The website builder tool is for anyone who needs to create a simple and user-friendly website quickly, easily and at low cost.

You can choose the design of your website from more than 400 different pre-made templates, and easily change the structure, colours, and content of your website by dragging & dropping. The customer survey results show that the first version of the website can be ready in half an hour!

Design options68 x 6
Number of pagesUp to 10
Website languageLT or EN
Dynamic widgets-
Picture gallery-
Demo Start
Price (mo.)1.99 EUR
Design options68 x 6
Number of pagesUnlimited
Website languageLT or EN
Dynamic widgetsYes
Picture galleryYes
Demo Premium
Price (mo.)3.99 EUR

To use this website builder, you need a hosting plan that stores website files. You also need a domain that will direct visitors to your website.

Yes, this tool not only helps to build a website without you having any programming skills but also supports its functioning. Keep in mind that without renewing your subscription to the tool, your website will stop working.

Yes, you can change the plan from Start to Premium, but you cannot return from Premium to Start.

The design tool supports Lithuanian and English, so you can create your website in one of these languages.

Yes. By purchasing the Premium plan, you will have access to more functionality that allows you to embed e-shop  features on your website such as a shopping cart.

Yes, this service is covered by our 30-day money back guarantee.