Website building tool

The new, extremely modern, user-friendly website building tool with many important features will help you build your website in less than half an hour!

This tool, which does not require any programming knowledge, allows you to build even multifunctional e-commerce sites to promote your online sales. If you order a hosting plan, we will add the website building tool for free. We also offer our customers the opportunity to register domains with extensions .online, .site, .store, .tech, and .website completely free of charge.

Number of websites1
Domain parkingYes
Number of pages1
Number of design themes5
Photos from photo stock3
Adaptive designYes
Disk space1 GB
Bandwith10 GB/month
Works in plansT10, T20, Svetainei
Number of websites1
Domain parkingYes
Number of pages10
Number of design themesAll
Photos from photo stock5
Adaptive designYes
Disk space10 GB
Bandwith100 GB/month
Works in plansT30, T40
Number of websites1
Domain parkingYes
Number of pagesUnlimited
Number of design themesAll
Photos from photo stock10
Adaptive designYes
Disk space25 GB
Works in plansT50, Universalus, Verslui, Didmeninis

This tool is available free of charge to anyone who already has or is newly ordering our hosting plans. The larger the hosting plan you have, the more functionality the website building tool will provide. For example, if you are using T10, the minimum hosting plan, you will be provided with a Mini website building tool plan free of charge, and if you have the T50 hosting plan – the maximum website building tool plan.

When you connect to the website building tool in the customer system for the first time, select the website category you want and the topic applied to it. You can choose the topic most suitable for you – blog, business, personal, restaurant, store, or other. Then, when you save the name of your future website, you will find yourself in the main items window. Here, you can easily arrange the desired image of your website by drag&drop and start writing texts. If you want to upload an additional block that is not available in the topic you choose, you can do so with the click of one button.

Detailed instructions on how to use the website building tool are available here.

The website building tool plan changes with the hosting plan you order – the larger the hosting plan you order, the more functionalities of the website building tool you have. If you change your hosting plan, your website building tool plan will update automatically within 5 minutes. So, if you want to have more functionalities of the website building tool, we recommend you upgrade your hosting plan. And if you reduce your hosting plan, the functionalities that are only available for larger plans will be disabled. On this page, you will find detailed instructions on how to change your plans:

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. All websites created using the website building tool are stored on a remote server, so you will not be able to restore the website.

Yes, this tool is fully suited to creating an e-store and has all the necessary functionalities. In the tool, you will find a wide range of pre-designed templates adapted for e-commerce websites. You will also be able to choose the billing methods that are most suitable for you and track your purchases in convenient reports.

This tool has the following essential functionalities that are also required for e-stores:

  • Buy now button;
  • Product list;
  • Featured products;
  • Categories;
  • Possibility to indicate the remaining stock of goods and to warn customers if the stocks are running low;
  • Possibility for the customer to add further comments when placing an order;
  • Possibility to provide shipping information;
  • Configuration of payments. There are 3 payment methods available now: standard bank order, Paypal, and Stripe;
  • System for the creation and management of discount codes;
  • Order management and analysis.

More information on how the tool is adapted to the creation of e-stores can be found here.