Domains and its registration

If you are considering having a website or an e-mail address with a specific name you have chosen, domain registration is the first step you should take.

We are a registrar that has already registered the highest number of domains in Lithuania. We currently maintain more than 186,000 of them. We have more than 20 years of experience. Therefore the domains of your choice will be registered quickly, seamlessly and under immensely attractive conditions. Also, the verification service with us is fast and trouble-free.

Registration fee
.lt 13.996.49 EUR
.eu 12.994.99 EUR
.com 15.997.49 EUR
.net 14.9911.99 EUR
.agency 23.99 EUR
.app 23.99 EUR
.art 25.99 EUR
.biz 23.99 EUR
.dev 23.99 EUR
.fun 31.992.49 EUR
.info 22.99 EUR
.io 79.99 EUR
.online 43.992.49 EUR
.org 16.997.99 EUR
.pro 24.99 EUR
.shop 35.99 EUR
.site 30.992.49 EUR
.space 25.992.49 EUR
.store 59.992.99 EUR
.tech 56.993.99 EUR
.tv 40.99 EUR
.website 26.99 EUR
.at 18.99 EUR
.be 17.99 EUR
.by 29.99 EUR
.ch 22.99 EUR
.cn 23.99 EUR
.co 29.99 EUR
.cz 19.99 EUR
.de 18.999.99 EUR
.ee 17.999.99 EUR
.es 16.99 EUR
.fi 24.99 EUR
.fr 17.99 EUR
.gr 23.99 EUR
.hu 59.99 EUR
.it 17.99 EUR
.lu 23.99 EUR
.lv 25.9916.99 EUR
.me 23.99 EUR
.nl 17.99 EUR
.no 124.99 EUR 7.19 EUR
.pl 23.99 EUR
.pt 23.99 EUR
.ro 17.99 EUR
.se 25.99 EUR
.si 39.99 EUR
.sk 59.99 EUR 25.99 EUR
.uk 17.999.99 EUR
.us 17.99 EUR

A domain name is a unique Internet address. It directs Internet users to your server or hosting plan, which stores websites and email files. An IP address assigned to each computer is a sequence of numbers identifying a particular computer on the Internet. However, codes like are not easy to remember. To make it more convenient for visitors to memorize website addresses, domain registration service is used.

When you enter the web address to your web browser, a request is first sent to the central registry for it to indicate which Domain Name System (DNS) services that particular one. The specified servers are then contacted, and they tell, to which IP address it is directed to. Finally, the browser sends a request to the hosting plan or server, which returns a response with all the website files (images, text, program code, etc.), and the browser neatly displays the website on your computer screen. Importantly, all actions are performed in mere seconds, therefore, the user will barely notice these steps.

And always remember, buy a domain that is sold by a trusted seller. That will save you time and effort later.

Looking for easy registration? Here are some tips to help you choose the right name for it:

  • Consider the market

If your website is intended for the Lithuanian market, we advise you to choose the .lt domains. Its registration in this area will be a good solution, because the suffix is ​​easy to remember, it is very popular in Lithuania, and users often add it out of habit. If you are targeting a foreign market, it is best to choose a country-specific ending. For international markets, the recommended endings are .eu, .com, .net and possibly others in specific circumstances.

  • The simpler the better

Shortness, uniqueness, and a clear connection to your business are the main features of the good domains. Another big advantage is its coinciding with your company name or brand.

  • Do not violate the intellectual property rights of others

Unauthorized use of other company’s identifying marks, such as trademarks, company, or work names, is not permitted in the name. You can check this in the trademark databases and in the Register of Legal Entities.

  • Hurry up

Have you come up with a name that is perfect for you? New domain registration is very quick. Therefore, hurry up and buy domain name that’s available today. Afterall, it might not be there tomorrow. Availability checker and name search will help you find out if the domain name you have chosen is still available.

If you want to have a website and email, domain registration is a must. In short, it is linked to your web hosting service, therefore, the website becomes easily accessible to visitors simply by entering its name in a web browser, for example, “”. And if, say, your company name is Company X, then your email ending can also be associated with the company name, for example –

A website consists of files such as HTML pages, PHP files images, videos, etc. A domain is a website address, and web hosting is a place where your website is stored. Having a website requires both: to have a registered domain and hosting. However, it is important to remember that these are two separate services.

The checker will help you with this. First, make a list of names of your interest. Select your most favorable options and enter them in the name search box at the top of our page. Here you will find out if the selected ones are available, what their price is and the possible TLDs or other options of their names.

You can choose a country-specific domain, or a generic one that anyone is able to register. We recommend registering the onesthat best represent the content and purpose of your future website. There is no single answer as to which of them is the best. The choice depends on your project and the country with the highest concentration of your target customers. Research shows that people are more likely to visit a website if the latter has their country’s TLD. Therefore, to sum up:

The .LT one is a good option if you operate in Lithuania and the majority of your target customers – website visitors – live in Lithuania country.

.COM is good for global business. Highly recommended if your business is not restricted to specific country markets.

The .EU one is an excellent choice if you have your business in the European Union countries. Also, if you want to emphasize that your product is developed, or you operate in the European Union. Remember: the domain name registration with the .euTLD, can only be done by companies that are operating within the European Union which guarantees the quality of your product or services. It is also worth mentioning that you will find the chosen available .EU domains easier.

It is important to know that there are no prohibitions on using different domains.

TLD – top-level domain. This is a name for the part, followed after the dot. This term applies to all the best known ones – .lt, .eu, .com, .shop, etc.

ccTLD – country code top-level domains. These are country-specific endings with a country code, such as –.lt for Lithuania, .ukfor the United Kingdom, and .de for Germany. They are used by websites willing to redirect the target country audience to a specific localized page.

gTLD – generic top-level domains. The most common type, including .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and more. This group also covers the newly introduced gTLDs such as: .shop, .online, .photo and others.

Registration of these is usually not restricted, however there are several exceptions. You can find them out here.

After selecting one of the available names (as we mentioned, name search helps to find them), the rest of the process will be fast. The registration on our website is fully automated. Therefore, we register Lithuanian, European Union and generic ones within 5 minutes from the receipt of payment and verification of the customer’s contact information.

Your payment will be confirmed immediately via e-payment platforms (such as Paysera, PayPal, WebMoney or others); you can also pay in cryptocurrencies, payment card or e-banking systems.

They are usually activated within a few hours, immediately after the payment is made. Certain national registries impose additional requirements for their activation. Therefore, sometimes some additional approval is required, such as when registering a .dk one. You can read more about the additional requirements for registrations in our blog post.

It is important to know that there are registries that make verification on domains before activating them. As a result, there are cases when domains may not be activated on weekends or non-business days.

The procedure for transferring each one is different. Therefore, not all of them can be transferred to Interneto vizija. You can find which ones can be transferred, in this list. If you do not find the one you want to transfer in the list, we recommend contacting us at

It is important to know that domains are registered according to the “first come, first served” principle. So, unfortunately, it is not possible to make reservations for names.

No, the name cannot be changed after the registration. If you want to change the address of your website, you can only do so by doing a new domain name registration. Adding it to your existing hosting plan allows you to make changes to your website address.

Invoices for their renewal are generated 30 days before the expiration and sent to the customer’s contact email. They are automatically renewed immediately after the invoice is paid.

WHOIS is a system that provides all necessary information about the domains in interest. It can provide the data about the registrar and the customer. Of course, after the EU GDPR went into effect, personal data of customers is no longer available on the WHOIS system. You can read more about WHOIS on this page.

The 30-day money back guarantee only applies to the services we provide directly, such as virtual servers (VPS) or web hosting. Therefore, the money back guarantee does not apply to domains. Our customer support specialists are ready to provide you with more information.