Website and email hosting

Website hosting is the only way to bring your webpage online. It is the place for your online project, e-mail or a database on a reliable, powerful server connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

More than 15 years of experience, professional customer support, flexible service packages and attractive pricing are the reasons that today most of the Lithuanian businesses and individuals host their websites with us.

The choice of package depends on your needs. They are discussed more in detail below.

The choice of the plan depends on the purpose and type of your website. Let’s discuss each of the offered plans in detail:

  • The T1 Plan is for you if you are going to host up to ten small sites (100,000 inodes) and have up to 1 email accounts (10 e-mails/hour).
  • The T10 Plan is for you if you are going to host up to ten small sites (100,000 inodes) and have up to 10 email accounts (100 e-mails/hour).
  • The T25 Plan is for you if you are going to host up to twenty five small sites (250,000 inodes) and have up to 25 email accounts (250 e-mails/hour).
  • The T50 Plan is for you if you are going to host up to fifty small sites (500,000 inodes) and have up to 50 email accounts (500 e-mails/hour).


  • The Paštui plan (“for the e-mail”) – when you only need email hosting. This plan does not support PHP. Therefore, it will not run content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and others. The plan has 400,000 inodes and 500 e-mails/hr limit.
  • The Svetainei plan (“for the website”) – choose to host a single website and email accounts. The plan is subject to 400,000 Inodes and 500 e-mails/hr limit.
  • The Universalus plan (“universal”) – a plan with Multi-Domain capability, which allows you to have more than one website in one plan. The plan uses 400,000 inodes and 500 e-mails/hr limit.
  • The Verslui plan (“for business”) is for websites that need more resources than offered by other plans. These are usually larger websites. The plan has 1,000,000 inodes and 5,000 e-mails/hr limits.
  • The Didmeninis plan (“reseller”) is designed for customers seeking to resell our services. In this plan, you can separate websites into different plans, allocating different resources to them and thus isolating them from other customers. The plan has 1,000,000 inodes and 5,000 e-mails/hr limit.

Just take a look at the extensive list of the plans Interneto vizija offers. We are sure that even the pickiest customers will find a package that fits their needs.

Your website consists of a whole of a variety of different files, which, of course, must be stored somewhere. The service is performed on servers to store the website media, databases, content, and everything else you might need to properly deliver your website to your visitors. The amount of space you receive depends on the website hosting plan you choose.

Of course, choosing any of our plans will give you access to your web hosting control panel. With it, you can easily upload the data to the server. However, for your website to function and be accessible to visitors, you must also register the domain name of your choice. When you register a domain, it is redirected to your server, thus telling your web browser that the necessary website files are stored in this location. The browser then takes the website files from your server and ultimately forwards them to the user visiting the website via their Internet browser.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.

With our unlimited services, you don’t have to worry about limited bandwidth. It offers not only unlimited bandwidth, but also fast website loading. Our built-in traffic compression module allows customers to send textual information in the compressed form, resulting in 10-20 times less data volume reaching visitors.

  • Convenient email administration system with email hosting plans

Managing your email account on a daily basis becomes much easier. You can connect to it using the secure SSL/TLS protocol. In addition, you can create email accounts with different capacities, manage redirects, vacation/out of office messages, autoresponder messages, and even merge groups into email conferences. It is important to mention that you can configure your email on different devices also you can check your email simply by using a web browser.

  • SSL Certificates

All customers who purchase one of our plans can either purchase paid Sectigo/GeoTrust certificates or install a free Let’s Encrypt non-profit certificate themselves.

The installed SSL certificate allows the website to be accessed via a secure HTTPS protocol, which encrypts all information transmitted to the visitor’s server (logins, payment data). Thus, no unauthorized person intervening between the visitor’s computer and the server, will see this information.

Also, websites with a properly installed SSL certificate are ranked better by search engines (such as Google or Bing). Furthermore, visitors will be shown a lock symbol next to the website address, meaning that the website is more secure.

  • Data Backups

We understand the importance of protecting your data and how disastrous it is to lose it. Therefore, we automatically copy the server data to the backup data warehouse on a daily basis and save the copies of yesterday and the last Friday.

  • Flexibility

Different sizes of websites or online projects require different amounts of resources. If any of your plans become too small after a while, and you need more space to grow – no problem. Choose your preferred package and upgrade your plan quickly and effortlessly.

  • Software

All of our plans support the latest versions of PHP (5.2 to 8.0). Therefore, each customer can choose the version that suits them best. All versions of PHP have the GD extension installed, allowing you to manage images using software. Also, all versions of PHP are equipped with the OPCache application system, and MariaDB 10 for working with databases.

  • Fast, professional assistance

Our customer support specialists are ready to answer all relevant questions and solve issues related to our services. We will help you whenever you need help – feel free to call us, reach us via live chat or e-mail us any day.

  • Lightning-fast website installation

Hosting is in fact a fairly simple process; however, it requires handy tools. We want to make it easier for customers to install and manage various CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! etc. Therefore, all plans have the integrated Installatron tool. With the click of a few buttons, you’ll install any of the CMS on this list in an instance. Also, this tool allows you to easily change the password of the CMS, generate automatic copies, easily restore them, make copies of websites (clones), etc. More about these and other features and how to use them can be found in our Wiki.

  • Powerful and secure technology

Service performance is ensured after we opened one of the most modern data centres in the Baltic countries. Our data centre accommodates 139 server racks and is located in the heart of Europe – in Vilnius. The DC is designed and built according to the Uptime Institute’s Tier III data centre standard, which means continuous server availability (SLA) of as much as 99.95% of time.

Your website is a set of different files that require space on your computer or server. Each of us can host our website on our own computer. However in this case we should not shut down the computer around the clock (24/7) as well as install and maintain the software necessary for the operation of the website. As a result, considering the complexity of the process, makes choosing this service much more popular. All website files, databases and all other information are stored on professionally managed servers.

Select the preferred plan and get access to the server control panel (DirectAdmin), which makes it easy to connect to an FTP server and upload your files to the server, as well as create databases or e-mail accounts. For full website and email functioning, a domain is additionally required. By registering a domain and directing it to the chosen plan, the website will be easily accessible to all Internet users worldwide.

The most common website with all files takes up a few gigabytes. If you still have doubts about whether limited resources will suffice, we recommend you to choose a smaller plan, and if you notice a lack of resources, plan can be increased easily, quickly, and at no extra charge. Of course, if you need more information, advice on a specific website and its resources, or have any questions about your website hosting, feel free to contact our customer support specialists.

In the Clients area, you can easily upgrade the plan to another you want, such as a higher one, depending on the resources for your needs. When you change the plan, the new resources take effect within 5 minutes.

  • Unlimited resources.

Unlimited resources provided will eliminate your concerns about extra payment for an extra email account, or forwarder, or purchasing a separate package of services to start building a new website. Unlimited hosting plans include unlimited bandwidth, websites, number of email accounts and databases. Of course, it is important to know that when using the unlimited services, you will be required to follow the terms of “fair use”.

  • Convenient email administration system.

All of the plans we offer allow customers to create and manage their own email accounts. In addition to the basic email account features, customers can easily create and manage email forwarding, vacation/out of office messages, and bring together the colleagues, community, or customers to email conferences. Your email can be easily configured in all popular email programs. On top of that, we’ve detailed instructions on our Wiki page.

If you want to check what settings you need to enter in your email program, we also have a tool for this:

All our customers can send emails using a secure SSL/TLS protocol. E-mails sent and received between your computer and the server are encrypted with the help of the protocol, therefore, no third-party who intervenes between you and the server can see your e-mail messages.

  • Security certificates.

All customers who purchase plans at Interneto vizija can either purchase a paid Sectigo/GeoTrust certificate or install a free Let’s Encrypt certificate themselves.

The built-in SSL certificate allows the website to be accessed over the secure HTTPS protocol. Therefore, when using an SSL certificate, no outsider who intervenes between the visitor’s computer and the server can access sensitive information (such as logins or payment data). Also, websites with a properly installed SSL certificate are better rated by search engines like Google or Bing. It is also relevant that visitors are shown a padlock next to the website address, which means additional protection.

  • Data backups.

Data loss is a big disaster for everyone. We are well aware how important it is to always be able to recover lost data. Therefore, in order to protect our customers, we perform an automatic backup of the server data to a backup data repository on a daily basis. In this way, we retain copies of the prior day and the previous Friday.

  • Reseller hosting.

The Reseller unlimited web hosting will be a good choice for those who want to resell unlimited hosting services to their customers and host their websites in separate plans. This service allows the service owner to create additional users that are virtually separated from other additional users. This means that they will not affect other users’ websites or email accounts. It is also possible to set the preferred amounts of data, extra domains or numbers of email accounts for each additional user (the inode quantity for each additional user is 100,000 and cannot be changed).

  • Software.

All plans offered by us support the latest versions of PHP (5.2 to 8.0). Therefore, each customer can choose the version that suits them best. All versions of PHP have the GD extension installed, allowing you to manage images programmatically. All PHP versions have the OPCache caching system installed. For working with databases, MariaDB10 is installed for your convenience.

  • Fast, professional assistance.

If you have any questions about the service or encounter an issue with any of our unlimited hosting plans – feel free to contact us by phone, live chat or email on any day of the week. Our customer support specialists will answer your questions and solve any kind of difficulties you may face.

  • Instant website installation.

With the Installatron tool, the task becomes really easy. You no longer have to waste your time installing and administering processes. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and other useful website applications will be installed within a few clicks.

  • Powerful and secure technology.

Excellent website accessibility and speed is one of our main advantages, benefiting our customers. Service efficiency is ensured by one of the most modern data centres in the Baltic states, opened in 2015. It is located in the capital city, Vilnius, and accommodates almost 140 server racks. These facilities are designed and equipped to the Uptime Institute’s Tier III data centre standard. This means uninterrupted server availability (SLA) of as much as 99.95%. So, make sure that you choose the best unlimited web hosting services for your website.

In terms of availability, we are especially focused on security. Duplicate network connections, power supplies for each rack, 2N and N+1 type redundancy, Visa DS diesel engines and strong protection against DDoS attacks help ensure uninterrupted system performance. We take care of physical security by using precision control air conditioners, early fire warning system, and biometric access control. In addition, the building itself is under the surveillance of video cameras 24/7/365 with experienced security guards on duty.

Yes, unlimited resources are subject to the terms of fair use: the database must not exceed 1 GB; if the chosen plan accommodates 100 GB, an additional 1 GB is allowed to be uploaded daily. You can read all the terms of fair use from this link.

Yes, a domain is not required to purchase a plan. When it is activated, you are free to upload all the necessary files. However, remember that an email account only starts working after the domain is purchased. You can check if the website is available using the test address More information on this can be found here.

Yes. When ordering, you can specify the preferred sub-domain (i.e. and use it in your chosen plan. In this case, both the website and the email account at this address (it will be are fully operational.

Yes, there are several different types of hosting:

Shared. This service is commonly described simply as web hosting. With this service, dozens of websites owned by different customers are hosted on a single server, therefore, each customer is sharing limited resources. However, it is worth knowing that it is this reason that determines the low cost of this service. These plans are usually opted by the majority of customers because they are a low price and easy-to-manage service, perfect for personal websites and small e-commerce sites.

Unlimited. This service is very similar to regular web hosting. The main difference is that some resources are unlimited, therefore, the rates of these plans are somewhat higher. However, you should know that all service management is identical to the Shared one.

VPS (virtual private servers). The service provides an opportunity to make full use of all purchased server resources and independently install as well as manage the preferred operating system and other applications. The cost of the service varies from the amount of resources you choose. This type of service is the best for professionals or companies with server administrator teams.

Managed servers. A rather exceptional, but extra convenient service if you have no server administration professionals in your team. The service is recommended for anyone whose websites require more resources than regular web hosting can provide. This type of services provided by Interneto vizija are operated by our servers administrators. The servers already have all the necessary software installed, and when additional requirements arise, it is possible to install additional applications.

It is an opportunity to resell services to other customers and businesses as if you were a provider. You can provide individual access to the control panel, control resources, storage, and more.

Each additional Didmeninis plan user uses the shared disk space for the entire plan, but has different e-mailing (100 e-mails/hour), inode (100,000) and PHP processes

All customers who purchase unlimited hosting plans can additionally purchase a paid Sectigo/GeoTrust certificate or install a free Let’s Encrypt certificate themselves.

An SSL certificate not only helps you reach higher positions in various search engines like Google or Bing. It displays a security lock symbol to your visitors at your website address, and also offers additional protection. The installed SSL certificate allows the website to be accessed via a secure HTTPS protocol, which encrypts all information transmitted to the visitor’s server (logins, payment data) thus ensuring that no outsider intervening between the visitor’s computer and the server can see that information.

Certainly. You can try out the demo of the DirectAdmin control panel here: user / reseller.

We are a leading hosting company countrywide and we offer services under extremely attractive terms in the market. If you find a lower price for the same plan, let us know and we will give you a better offer.

The minimum service order period is 1 month.

Yes, this service has a 30-day money back guarantee.