VPS maintenance

VPS servers are administered independently.

This means that the Customer is responsible for:

  • Their web pages, e-mail and other data stored on the server;
  • Configuration and maintenance of services and the server;
  • Operating system administration and upgrades.

Responsibility of the Interneto vizija:

  • Initial installation of the operating system;
  • Server hardware;
  • Network equipment;
  • Data centre equipment.

If necessary, we additionally help to restore the root connection to the server. For help with server administration, see the customer forum:

Based on Clause 3.2.6 of the Service Terms and Conditions, the Customer undertakes to hire/retain a competent system administrator for the ongoing maintenance of the rented server, timely software updates and security, or to perform it independently.

If your web project requires a separate server, however you have no specialist who can administer Linux systems, we recommend using a professional hosting service.