Benefits of professional hosting

Profesonalus hostingas

A professional hosting service differs from other website hosting services, distinguished by several main features listed below. It is easiest to identify this service by the server name – hostname, because each service is given a name All servers receive dedicated resources – a unique IP address and dedicated CPU and RAM resources.

All professional hosting servers are installed only in high-quality business-class equipment – HPE ProLiant DL360 servers in our own data centre built according to the Tier III standard.


Professional hosting servers are set up on hardware with an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 v4 @ 2.40 GHz processor. The processor (CPU) is responsible for performing the tasks provided to the server. The more vCPU the selected service plan provides, the faster the tasks can be completed: various computation, data output or MySQL queries.


More RAM allows us to perform complex program code tasks and e-shop import operations faster. Also RAM can be used for cache. For better cache performance users can use “Redis” or “Memcached” both of them use RAM to cache website content for faster website loading.

We use DDR4-2400 ECC REG RAM modules in the physical equipment.

Disk space

A professional hosting server is set up on equipment with a standard SATA drive. On a separate request, we move servers that are actively performing cache operations to the equipment with an SSD disk, allowing to write and read data at twice the speed. We offer 100 GB of disk space (1,500,000 inodes) in all plans, therefore, you can use this capacity for your website files, email account content or database storage. If there is a greater demand for disk space, an additional 1 GB will cost you EUR 0.3 plus VAT per month.

Inode is a data structure of the Linux system that stores information about a specific file or directory. The more inodes are allocated to a plan, the more files and folders (including emails in email accounts) can be placed on the server.

The inode limit on a professional hosting server is calculated according to the formula:

  • The amount of available disk space in GB * 15,000 is equal to the amount of your inodes (e.g. 300 GB of disk space = 4,500,000 inodes).


A professional hosting server has 1 Gbps of server network bandwidth with unlimited data traffic. The bandwidth is not subject to the sharing factor, which means that you will have the same bandwidth from Lithuania and abroad. The bandwidth of such a network is ensured because our data centre is directly connected with all major international Internet connection providers in Lithuania:

  • Bitė
  • Lattelecom
  • NTT (Hurricane Electric)
  • RETN
  • Telia


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular programming language often used to build websites and Web applications. Code written in this language can be embedded in HTML code, and used in conjunction with JavaScript and various relational databases.

Our servers will run websites that are compatible with the following versions of PHP:

  • PHP 5.2 (on request only)
  • PHP 5.3 (on request only)
  • PHP 5.4 (on request only)
  • PHP 5.5 (on request only)
  • PHP 5.6 (with Phalcon 2, ionCube)
  • PHP 7.0 (on request only)
  • PHP 7.1 (on request only)
  • PHP 7.2 (with Phalcon 3, ionCube, Zend OPCache)
  • PHP 7.3 (with ionCube, Zend OPCache)PHP 7.4 (with Zend OPCache)

The PHP language version can be changed in real -ime in the server control panel (except for the servers where PHP is running as the “mod_php” Apache module).

The latest versions of PHP (7.0+) have code accelerators that help execute the PHP code faster.


MySQL is the most popular open source system for managing relational databases. This system operates on the basis of SQL language. The PHP language is usually selected for accessing MySQL databases (however other programming tools such as Python, Java, C, C++, etc. can be used), therefore, the popularity of MySQL and PHP is directly related.

We use the following version of MySQL on our servers:

  • MariaDB 10 (equivalent to the open source MySQL 8)

On a professional hosting server, MySQL databases are not subject to disk space restrictions, therefore, you can host databases that are disk-space intensive. You can connect to a MySQL database from a website hosted on the same server, via a terminal and externally when the website files are hosted on another server, or perform the actions of data import and administration.

Full server maintenance

The professional hosting servers are maintained by our servers administrators. The status of the services running on the server is monitored by a monitoring system, which immediately notifies the administrator about any failures of the monitored services. For this reason, we can resolve problems before they are even noticed by visitors. The team of administrators will not only solve the server problems, but will also help the customer and the website developer to analyse the logs of the server services, find the lost email or identify why the website has slowed down. On top of that, they will always help to find the most appropriate solution in a non-standard situation.


We automatically back up customer server data to an external backup on a daily basis so that we can restore it from a backup in the unlikely event of a RAID disk array failure.

For users who have lost their data due to a server failure, we offer a data recovery service on weekdays at no cost.

Individual configuration

In all professional hosting plans, we can choose the server service settings that are required for the correct operation of the website or application hosted on the server. You can adjust PHP, MySQL limits, change the number of messages allowed per email account.

In the Pro and VIP plans, we may offer non-standard server changes or the option for installation of additional server software, such as:

  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • PostgreSQL
  • FFmpeg
  • Libreoffice

If you would like to use additional software but do not see it on this list, contact our customer support specialists and we will clarify whether we can install the specified program on a professional hosting platform.